Three things matter most to me when it comes to crocheting:

{ Love. Warmth. Fashion. }

I hope to make you feel loved, I aim to make something that is warm and I strive to make it fashionable.

Challenge Accepted.

15 April 2014

I know I haven't written anything in a while but I have a good excuse! I have been working like crazy and I may have slightly exchanged crocheting with quilting for a short period of time. But I promise I haven't forgotten about it. Actually, I decided to take on a big CHALLENGE. Yep, that's right.

I found this lovely image of a + pattern afghan that

a). the description is in Finnish. Go figure.

b). there is no pattern to go off of [ even in Finnish ].

c). the pictures are so limited AND the afghan is never position so I can see the entire piece!

See the blog  post from Muita Ihania here for images.

Anyways, this should be a fun challenge. I went out and chose a yarn and picked out a nice color scheme [ Dark Grey, Light Grey, Teal, Mint & White ]

It was so fun mapping out what I could see of the pattern and discovering how it was made. From what I can tell, it was made completely of granny squares! Once I realized this, the rest of the pattern seemed so easy. The pattern involves 4-5 granny squares sewn together to form half + signs or full + signs. Of course, the pattern ascends/descends in a diagonal line. So I just had to fit the + signs together like a puzzle.

What started out as MANY versions of this:

Ended up looking like this:

It was rough but it had to be done!

Now it's time to piece together the color coated granny square + pattern.

These are the beginnings of my project:

I'm so excited to see how it turns out!

Till next time,

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