Three things matter most to me when it comes to crocheting:

{ Love. Warmth. Fashion. }

I hope to make you feel loved, I aim to make something that is warm and I strive to make it fashionable.

The Owl Cocoon.

27 April 2016

A while back, everyone on Facebook passed around this cute little crocheted owl cocoon that brought on the "awwws" and the "so cute!s". I was recently asked to make one and here is my finished product!

How I did it //

I decided that I did not want to pay for the ShiFio's Pattern and figured I could probably just wing it. However, I ended up finding a similar free pattern by Rebecca Sager from "Creative Crochet by Becky". (FREE Pattern) I used her pattern for the body and nose portion and improvised for the other appliques (eyes, feathers & wings). The hat was a combo of Rebecca's pattern and my own rib stitching.

Body  //  Free pattern by Rebecca Sager from Creative Crochet by Becky (FREE Pattern). Ribbon was my own addition.
Eyes  //  Essentially, I made a normal circle (switching between sc & dc to make the right size) and used 's "Sleepy Owl Sleeping Mask" from Firefly Crochet to come up with the   'sleeping eyes'.
Nose  //  Rebecca Sager's nose from her free pattern.
Feathers  //|  Tamara Kelly's Croccodile Stitch Video Tutorial from Moogly.
Wings  //|  Free pattern by Rachael Whitton Stegmoyer on Ravelry
Hat  // Start with a rib stitch (size is your choice, I used a chain of 5 with hdc stitches). Mine is about 14 inches long. I flipped it, then sc across. Turn, chain 2 and shell stitch across (5dc, sk 2, sc, sk 2, 5dc, sk 2, etc.) and in the following rows till you get your preferred size. Then I sc the top and sides together and fastened off. I slip knotted some strands of yarn to the points and added ribbon for the final touch.

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